Understanding the Difference between PC and Console Gaming

It was not long ago that any kind of video gaming required a personal computer. These days gaming consoles have been added to the mix with popular options like Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 3. Although these consoles have widened the choice for many gamers, they have also made it more difficult to choose the perfect gaming platform.

So to help you make the right choice, here is a quick comparison of PC and console gaming. You can also learn some tips in picking the right hardware to finding best PS3 games out there.


Although you need to spend more money up front when buying a new gaming computer, it is cheaper to have it upgraded in the long run. Since most computer accessories have the same standardised connections, you can replace your PC parts easily.

On the other hand, buying a console up front is much cheaper plus it usually comes with all the basic accessories like controllers and the like. You can also add accessories, like HDMI cables or gaming headsets, to improve your gaming experience.

When it comes to gaming titles, you usually need to buy PC games in stores while console games, like the best of wii games, can be rented online.

Versatility and Portability

PCs, as you already know, can be used for a number of other things, like watching a movie, browsing the internet, or making documents. You can also play old games on a computer and run up to three or more games at the same time.

Consoles, meanwhile, is more portable. Say you want to go to a friend's house and check out the newest or the best xbox 360 games you have, you can easily carry your console with you unlike having to lug around your CPU. The latest consoles are also very versatile. You can now browse through the internet with it or play some movies with it.


One of the advantages of having a PC for gaming is that it is easily replaceable. Computer parts and accessories can be bought in almost any computer shop so you do not have to worry about upgrading or maintenance.

Consoles, on the other hand, are non-user serviceable. This means that you have to return it to the manufacturer if it is damaged over constant use. However, most consoles have warranties so you do not have to worry much on the repair cost.

Game variety

Although you can buy stand-alone games for your PC, most gamers choose to play online games because of its variety. You can choose from Real Time Strategy, First Person Shooter, and MMORPG games. To break the ice, you can also play flash games on line for free.

As stated above, console games are easily rentable online. It is also easier to return game titles to the retailer if you are unsatisfied with them. So if you are looking for the best ps3 games, you can just visit a number of online shops or subscribe monthly to get the latest titles.

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